Residential Home Solar Systems

Take control of your home energy with a solar system

Cut carbon emissions and pay less for your energy every month. Our average solar energy system avoids 178 tons of CO2 emissions and saves $30,000 over 20 years.

We custom design solar systems to your specific home energy requirements using only tier 1 equipment.


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How sunshine becomes solar energy

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and send it to an inverter, where it’s converted to electricity to power your home. Home batteries store energy made during the day for use at night.

How it Works

How we work together

We make solar easy. We’ll take care of your entire solar project from start to finish. See what happens when you decide to get a free estimate from Rising Sun.

Step by Step

Going solar - what does it cost?

Home solar has never been more affordable. We have options for every budget including no money down financing, loans for holder with good credit (over 650) and cash purchase.

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Always save with solar

Hawaii utility rates are the highest in the nation.  They are unpredictable and tend to rise over time. Home solar gives you control over your electricity costs.

  • Start saving with no money down
  • Lock in fixed energy costs for 20 years
  • Fastest payback via cash purchase option
  • Earn referral fees for getting your friends/family to go solar too

Over 3,000+ customers across the state

  • “The entire process was handled with complete and utmost care in every phase of our project. As customers, from start to finish, we appreciate the effort of individuals, and just your company as a whole, who rose above the norm with professionalism and made things happen.”
  • “Just wanted to express my gratitude for the professional work Rising Sun did at my house. It's always refreshing to see someone take so much pride in the work they did at the end of the day. I was extremely pleased with the final product.”
  • “The roof crew did an excellent job, together with the workers who were on our property that day. They worked together as a team and my husband, who has an extensive background in carpentry and construction, was very impressed, and made a comment to me that all of the nails met studs, which is awesome!”
  • “I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding service I got from Rising Sun. My parents are so deeply grateful for their new roof and PV system! I think they will be even more happy with the savings they will receive once the system is up and going."
  • “The decision to do this has been the best decision we have done for our home. We can now live knowing that we contribute to the world's global environment, and saving financially as well. We highly recommend Rising Sun to anyone that is interested.”

Go solar and always save on your electricity

We will custom design and install a solar system for your home so you can lock in electricity savings for the next 20 years.


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